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Borderless Payments,
for Web3 Companies

Process payments for fiat currencies globally with just one integration


Off-ramp API

We’re building our own protocol so that we can provide you with more adding and cashout options at even cheaper rates!


Wind is designed to ensure Web3 companies can benefit from its simplicity. With Wind, users can easily load, send, receive, withdraw locally and manage their funds, all under one roof. Besides the app, Wind Business offers a powerful payout management tool that uses cryptocurrency to process transactions, providing a range of benefits for both employers and employees.

For Web3 companies operating with remote workers, adding funds is made as simple as it can get. Companies can easily load money into their account using ACH, Debit or Credit card, & bring in funds from external wallets, giving them the liberty to choose whichever method is most convenient.

Easy Ways to add funds

Use either bank, credit or debit card to effortlessly add money to your wallet

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This process of adding funds is made seamless using Wind’s very own on-ramping feature allowing Web3 companies the opportunity to build revolutionary products that require crypto. Wind can be their one-stop solution for carrying out fiat to crypto transactions.

Moreover, unlike most platforms that only allow fiat to crypto conversions, users can locally withdraw their funds whenever they please using our off-ramping feature. This means any crypto to fiat conversions are supported by Wind enabling users to cash out their funds to their preferred e-wallets or bank accounts. They get to choose their preferred method of withdrawal; either to e-wallets or their bank accounts. Wind currently supports all majors banks and e-wallets across Southeast Asia, giving users a wide range of options to choose from.

Without the cash out function, there is no point of receiving money via an app. This is why Wind is providing both on-ramping and off-ramping capabilities for users. Companies can convert from crypto to fiat and vice versa using one API.

Wind supports multi-currency off-ramps worldwide

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All these flexibilities make it easier for Web3 companies to acquire and benefit from more remote workers and freelancers. On top of that, if companies want to create projects that allow both on ramping and off ramping, instead of looking for multiple partners, companies can just use the Wind API only.

Given all these features and benefits, Web3 companies don’t have to look any further for a solution that caters to all their needs.

Wind has launched their API, and more exciting features are coming along the way. If you’re interested to learn more about Wind, keep an eye out here for updates.

Reach out to support@wind.app and our team will get back to you with necessary details.

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