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Join us building Borderless Payments,
for everyone

We are a team of designers, engineers, and founders who are dedicated to making borderless payments a reality for everyone. Our mission is to set your money as free as the wind.


We are always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our team

Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you can't find a position that matches your skills. You never know when we may need someone like you!

Our Mission

Empower creators, entrepreneurs and businesses of the new age to go beyond borders and limits.

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Cultural Principles

Move fast, make things

At Wind, we want to encourage people to move fast and try things out. We don’t demand that every iteration is perfect. Rather, we insist on iterating quickly, getting feedback, and learning.

Think big, start small

We have a bold mission. But it’s also something that is not straight forward to do and will require our team to try things, learn and figure out the best path to get there. Thus, we will dream big, start small and then scale.

Provide extreme transparency

Being extremely transparent about everything, including mistakes, helps create the understanding that leads to improvements. We aspire to provide extreme transparency and learn from every attempt.

We Choose Positivity

We focus on the memories we make along the way, not the view from the summit. We choose to embrace change, and know that we can meet any challenge with a positive mindset.

Why Join us?

Work with and learn from the best

Wind is a diverse team of talented individuals contributing in various fields constantly thriving to make a change. Work with them and learn from their experiences to add to your skills.

Build something meaningful

Every project you will work on at Wind benefits the users directly. Your contributions here will definitely impact the lives of those using our services.

Have fun working

We're not all about work at Wind. Recreational activities like movie nights, pizza parties, and game nights are always a gateway to unwind between crazy work days.

Make a Difference

Join the Wind team to contribute in developing a trustworthy system that can help millions across the globe and make money management easier for everyone.

Our Founders

Hussain Elius

Hussain Elius

Former CEO & Co-Founder, Pathao. Took Pathao from a 3 person team in a garage in Dhaka to 1000+ team operating in Bangladesh and Nepal serving 8 million people, 200,000+ drivers and 30,000+ merchants (food and ecommerce)

Ahmed Fahad

Ahmed Fahad

Former Senior Vice President & Head of Product at Pathao. Led product and go-to-market for 10 services ($200m in annual GMV). Managed a ~100-person tech org of engineers, designers, PMs and data scientists.

Simo Figuigui

Simo Figuigui

Former Head of Biz Dev & Growth at Brankas. Previously Biz Dev at Rapyd (Fintech unicorn), Rocket Internet.

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